Dorotheenstaedtischer Friedhof Berlin – a small Père Lachaise-like burial ground

Wikipedia (in German) lists all graves of famous writers, philosophers, poets and members of the German resistance that can be found here. There is one mistake about this burial ground: W. Biermann wrote about this place as “Hugenottenfriedhof”. But the real burial ground with this name is to the south-east of Dorotheenstaedtischer Friedhof. Moreover, don’t mix up this burial ground with ”Dorotheenstaedtischer Friedhof II“. This extension of the burial ground can be found in Liesenstrasse, not in Chausseestrasse.
A tiny cafe behind the chapel of this burial ground can be recommended: nice cakes and a lot of books are on display that are related to the people of this burial ground.